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1. Are Disc Beepers 100% waterproof?

- Disc Beepers have been field tested to be 100% waterproof. When getting a Disc beeper wet, just shake it off and keep beeping!

2. How many sounds does the Disc Beeper have?

- Disc Beepers have 3 distinct sound patterns that you can choose from.

3. What is the warranty on a Disc Beeper?

- All of our products carry a 30-day limited warranty.

4. Are Disc Beepers rechargeable?

Disc Beepers are rechargeable via usb port. Disc Beepers last on average 7-8 hours if left beeping constantly and quickly recharge in under one hour.

5. How much does the Disc Beeper weigh?

- The Disc Beeper weighs exactly 6 grams, which is the equivalent of a US quarter!

6. Does the Disc Beeper affect the flight pattern of my disc?

- The Disc Beeper has no noticeable affect on the flight pattern of your disc.

7. How will my Disc Beepers be shipped?

- Your Disc Beepers will be right to your front door via United States Postal Service. U.S. residences should receive their orders within 3-5 business days.

Any other Questions?

- Give us a call 855-420-BEEP (2337)!

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