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Why Disc Golf Is Better Than Traditional Golf


In their most abstract forms, the games of golf and disc golf are nearly identical. You have an item that you wish to send a great distance to a target. You tally the number of attempts pushing the item forward and go through 18 such holes, adding your scores to see who managed to get through the course with the lowest score. However, in respect to who plays the games and how they are viewed culturally, disc golf and traditional golf couldn’t be more different. It is through these many differences that we come to understand how disc golf is ultimately the superior sport.

First off is the cost involved for participants. Traditional golf is incredibly expensive. Individual clubs cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Additional items like golf balls, tees, and shoes factor in as well. Then there’s the price of actually playing at a course. Prices range from $20 to hundreds per person just for the right to play on a course. Country clubs often charge members thousands of dollars to be a part of the club and have a right to play. And on top of all that is the proper attire required by golfers including nice slacks and polo shorts. Golf is a game for the wealthy. Exclusivity is one of the key foundations of the sport

Meanwhile, disc golf (which as we’ve discussed is largely the same sport) costs hardly anything. Discs are usually about $10 and courses are generally free to use. There’s no dress code as players often go topless or play in flip-flops. There’s no pretentiousness, no need to show off for others. It’s just a relaxing game in the great outdoors.

Besides cost, there are many other reasons to favor disc golf as well. The discs are much larger than golf balls and are thus easier to spot following long tosses. Disc Beepers can also be added to your discs to ensure you never lose one again! Another factor pointing in disc golf’s favor is the items you carry along. Most regular golfers drag along a 50 lb. bag full of heavy clubs, balls, and other items. Disc golfers may carry a pack of 5 discs and a couple beers, hardly the same load. Some people play with just a single disc.

And true, disc golfers don’t often experience the luxury of riding around in those fun little golf carts, but is that really important? In my traditional golfing experiences, the golf carts were actually more entertaining than the game itself! Maybe you could just save yourself $100 and go ride go-carts. In reality, I find it nicer to walk through the course anyways, especially without having to carry all that much gear. It certainly makes for a better exercise and a more pleasant experience.

Lastly, the disc golf courses are often untamed wilderness with some baskets and launch pads set up. Unlike the pristinely fake environments found at a generic golf course, disc golfers get to walk amongst nature, complete with animals, birds, plants, and natural beauty. The environmental impact of such courses is far better than any traditional golf course.

And so if you’re considering a new game to help get you into the great outdoors, disc golf may be the game for you. Affordable, fun, comfortable, and unobtrusive to the world around us, disc golf is the recreational sport of the future!

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