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Tips for Long Distance Disc Golf Drives


Tips for Long Distance Disc Golf Drives

The importance of that first toss is paramount in disc golf. It can often be difference between lying well placed on the fairway or scrounging around in the bushes looking for a lost disc. While the newly developed Disc Beeper device does make finding your discs easier, navigating your way through trees and bushes is not the best way to make par.

Here are some tips to that all-important first drive that starts of each hole in Frisbee golf:

Focus on form over power – Players just starting off tend to throw the disc way too hard. They usually learn their lesson quickly though. As you watch your disc set sail and then curve gracefully far off the path, you must understand why power alone cannot result in a good drive. Instead, focus on making a smooth, well-formed throw. Keep the disc level and use the force of you shoulder to generate power, not your arms. If you’re throwing forehand, the primary focus should be on the flick of your wrist. Attempting too many arm-powered shots on the course will leave your arm sore following a disc golf outing.

Maintain balance – How you are standing will greatly affect the result of your drives. Stepping into your shots will make drives more consistently straight and well powered. An unbalanced throw is usually a disaster that merely results in hitting an obstacle, being sent off the path, or possibly even losing the disc.

Follow through with throws – You’ll want to continue the throwing motion even after you let go of the disc. There are a couple reasons why this helps. First, the motion will help you develop better throwing form. Also, this helps to flatten the toss and keep it straighter. Remember, the best disc golfers are the ones who can consistently make straight, flat tosses and drives.

Keep your eyes on the disc – Though a Disc Beeper can help you retrieve a missing disc, you’ll need a starting place to begin your search, especially after a poor toss. You may want to look down in horror following a bad drive, but maintain a visual for as long as possible, no matter how bad the throw. In fact, the worse the throw, the greater the importance of watching it sail high and far into the woods…

Practice, practice, practice – No matter how many tips you read or pick up from fellow disc golfers, the best way to learn how to throw a disc for a drive is through practice and playing the sport. The more you throw the driver, the more accustomed you’ll be to true shots and the more consistent your throw will become. Also, you’ll be able to generate more power behind your shots as you gradually build confidence in keeping drives straight. And though you may throw many attempts off course, if you use a Disc Beeper you’ll be well prepared to handle recovering lost discs and can therefore spend more of your time at the course working on distance driving and enjoying the game.

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