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​What Do Those Numbers on a Frisbee Golf Disc Mean?


What Do Those Numbers on a Frisbee Golf Disc Mean?

One of the interesting things to note about a disc in Frisbee golf is the numbers located on its face. There are 4, and they’ll give you an idea of how the disc will fly when thrown. A clear and advanced knowledge of these figures can be helpful for intermediate and professional disc golfers in deciding upon which disc to throw during an outing or purchase at the store. Here is a breakdown of the numbers and what they mean:

Speed – The first number refers to the speed of the disc, or the speed at which you’ll have to throw the disc for it to fly. Typically speaking, the higher this number, the lengthier the distance that the disc is designed to fly. Putters have the lowest value, mid range discs are slightly greater, and drivers have the highest speed. Though you may want the highest speeded disc, it might be better for beginners to actually use a lower speed disc, as the corresponding values typically indicate. Speeds range from 1-13.

Glide – This figure speaks to the disc’s ability to hold its loft and stay in the air. The higher this number, the longer your throws will stay afloat and carry. Beginners will usually want a higher number so their throws will extend further. However, if thrown off-course, a higher glide will take your disc further off the path. Values range from 1-6.

Turn – Turn concerns the bend of a disc immediately upon tossing it. You’ll notice that throws often tilt in a certain direction before flattening out during flight. Ranged from -3 - +1, a negative value indicates an under stabilized disc that will bend far while higher figures refer to a disc’s ability to fly stable. Practice with different values of turn to find what works best for your throwing style.

Fade – This is a very important figure that often coincides with higher speed. At the back end of a throw, discs have a tendency to veer off as they descend. Rated 0-6, many discs are inevitably lost when they fade away from the course in an errant drive. (Owning a disc beeper can help you retrieve such lost discs). While you may initially be afraid of the fade, if you can harness a consistent throw you may be able to toss discs around trees and other hazards, using the fade to your advantage.

No matter what the values say, the most important factor in determining the right discs for you is your overall comfort you have with it. Nothing compares to practice, and heading out with your discs to the course will provide you the opportunity to learn about your discs. Pay attention to the discs you use and how the values affect each particular disc’s flight path. The better you can understand these figures will aid you greatly in selecting the proper discs for each situation on the disc golf course, as well as in the store when choosing which new disc to buy. Soon you’ll know the perfect values for your game!

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