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5 Tips for Finding Lost Frisbee Discs

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As an avid disc golf enthusiast, I would like to provide players all across the world useful information to help grow the sport of disc golf. As we all know, it can be extremely easy to lose a disc in the woods, tall grass or even under leaves especially if you are using a tie dye disc.

We have developed a new product Disc Beeper location device to help solve disc golfs number one problem: losing your disc. We have also developed a new low vision version with 17 unique sound variations as well as a remote controlled basket beeper.

Below you will find a few useful tips to help you on your next disc golf outing.

Key Tips:

1.Use a Disc Beeper- this new product will allow you to walk directly to your disc every time without worrying about where it landed or if it is lost.

2.Only throw 1 disc per shot- by eliminating the need to look for multiple discs on each throw will allow you to easily locate your disc.

3.Never lose sight of the disc- it’s very easy to become distracted and forget where your disc landed which would result in spending an extended amount of time trying to locate your disc.

4.Think before you throw- aim for the fairway, play it safe, especially in the woods where it can become difficult to find lost discs.

5.Use glow discs when playing disc golf at night- it’s hard to find discs when it starts getting dark outside. By using the Disc Beeper at night it can also help to locate discs much easier.

Always be sure to read course maps to learn the layout and choose the right throw for the hole. Players should use the appropriate disc for each throw. You should never use a driver for a short shot, or it can go deep away from your target; the same applies to ball golf. You would never use a driver for a short distance shot.

You can find more information about how the Disc Beeper can help you on your next round on our website

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